about nyhc - who we are

New York Hungarian Connection (NYHC) comprises individuals of Hungarian origin or background, or Americans interested in Hungary in the greater New York area. The organization does not have age limits, and it is not limited to particular occupations or professions.

If you are a professional or a student currently living in the greater New York area or visiting from Hungary, and you are interested in networking or simply having a good time with people similar to you, send us a brief introduction to nyhconn@yahoo.com and join us for our next event. If you like what you experience among us, we invite you to become a member of the organization.

There have been many successful events in the past. Some focused on issues important to the various professional groups, others intended to bring all the groups together for an exchange of ideas among themselves or with political and economic leaders of Hungary.

While NYHC is an independent not-for-profit organization formed by its own constituency, it is important to note the visionary role of Ambassador Dr. Gábor Horváth, Consul General of the Republic of Hungary, and the supportive staff of the Hungarian Consulate in New York, who made it possible for us to get to know each other and gave home to many of our most successful programs.